Before You Get Started

The Strange Online Character Creator supplements The Strange character creation process, allowing you to quickly and easily build, translate, advance, and maintain characters for The Strange. It does not replace the rules, information, and character creation process in the corebook and Player’s Guide, but it saves time and effort in building and maintaining characters.

The Online Character Creator requires a modern HTML5-capable browser such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. It is not optimized for mobile and its functionality on a mobile device or tablet is not guaranteed.

To Create A Character

  • Type a character name and select your descriptor, type, and focus.
  • On the next page, start by clicking the Translate button. In the popup window, specify Earth or your native recursion and choose your focus again.
  • Fill out your character options on the Description, Statistics, Equipment and Abilities tabs.
  • Use the buttons at the top to print or save your character. To cancel the current character and start a new one, click on the X in the top right.


  • Click the Translate button to enter a recursion name and choose the focus for that recursion.
  • Make any appropriate choices or alterations to the character based on your new focus (don’t forget the equipment tab!), then save the character.
  • You can ignore the connection pull-down on the Description tab; it only matters for your native realm.
  • You can translate back to your native recursion, or any recursion you have previously visited, via the pulldown menu in the upper left. Selecting one of those recursions changes your character appropriately.

Saving And Opening

  • Characters are stored by name, so be sure not to give two characters the same name!
  • Be sure to click the Save button often to save your character.
  • You can open saved characters with the Open button.
  • Characters are stored within the local cache of your browser; no information is stored on Monte Cook Game’s Servers.
  • If there is an issue with your browser, you may lose characters. Use the File Backup feature under the Open tab to export or import a text file of character options.


  • Clicking on the print view will create a printer friendly sheet with your character for the current recursion only.
  • To print a translated character, switch to the appropriate recursion (using the dropdown menu on the left) and then print.
  • By clicking on the group icon at the top right, you can select and print multiple different characters at once.


  • To advance your character, click the Advance button. This adds the Advancement tab to your character.
  • Enter any XP you have gained in the circle.
  • Raise a Pool, increase an Edge, improve your Effort, or choose a skill. You’ll be prompted to make the appropriate changes elsewhere.
  • Once all four options have been improved, the next time you click the Advance button your tier will increase and you’ll be given options for that tier.

GM Controls, Customize, & Homebrew

  • GM Controls unlock many aspects of the system, allowing you to make changes to characters that don’t conform with the standard game rules.
  • The Customize option allows you to modify some elements of the character creation process. It is only available before advancement.
  • To add new descriptors, types, and foci, go to the main page and choose Homebrew Tools. This will allow you to copy the data from current options and customize it under your own name.