Frequently Asked Questions

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I got a Javascript error and now the site won't work

This is an issue with the underlying Dojo Toolkit structure that the Character Creation Utility is built in. The app stores information locally on your computer and sometimes it gets confused and tries to load new information. This causes the error and there are only 2 solutions:

  • Clear the cache in your browser completely and you should get rid of the error.
  • If this doesn’t work, open the page in a private browsing window. Unfortunately, your saved characters will go away when this window is closed.


Where did my characters go?

The browser stores information locally, so in order to get characters you have created you must use the same browser you were using. We suggest you use the save and export feature to export your characters to a text file.

(Click Open and then choose Download from the options available.)

My armor or weapon isn't calculating or showing up

The Print view searches your equipment list for your listed armor and weapons. If you are not seeing an armor or weapon for your current character or version, then make sure you have chosen a weapon. If this is not working, you can manually add the name/option to the equipment list. I.e. Medium Armor, Light Ranged.  

I found a bug in the character creator, how do I report it?

If you find a bug that isn’t resolved by one of the other F.A.Q. questions or by clearing your cache or going into Private Browsing mode, report it on the Monte Cook Games contact page. Use the Tech Issues tab and the issue will be forwarded to Tech Support staff.

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